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Interview with Leica M product manager Stephan Daniel

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This interview took place before the public announcement of the Leica M9 last September. Although the questions are often too technical and boring for my taste, Daniel comes across as an excellent, thoughtful PM.


One day a week: Ann Curry on photography

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I watched this segment when it aired on the Today show a couple months ago. In it, Ann Curry discusses her passion for photography and gives the best advice you’ll receive all day: “All of us can find peace even in the chaos of our own lives if we can find that one thing we care so much about that it helps us breathe more deeply. For me, it’s taking pictures.” Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that she shoots with an M9.



Details’ 1996 Profile of David Foster Wallace

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Here is a profile of DFW that ran in Details magazine back in 1996.


Listen to Tracey Thorn’s new album, “Love and Its Opposite”

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This new record from Tracey Thorn will be replacing Katell Keineg’s At the Mermaid Parade in my stereo for at least the next week. Click here to order a copy. Or click here to hear an interview with Thorn on NPR. I was thrilled to see Sasha Frere-Jones’ review of the album in this week’s New Yorker and a gardening column by Thorn herself on a blog called Caught by the River.

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