Memory, like love, is an act of imagination, an abandonment and a possession.

— Susan Dodd

When I go home, I don’t start a second life—it’s more of the same. There are no Saturdays or Sundays.

— Carine Roitfeld

Courage and criticism

Courage is not a virtue frequently associated with the criticism beat, but it lies near the heart of [Pauline] Kael’s achievement—not because she was unsqueamish about praising and slamming movies (though she was) but because, from the time she wrote her first review until the moment she retired, in 1991, her authority as a critic relied solely on her own, occasionally whimsical taste.

Pauline Kael, Film Critic, Contrarian : The New Yorker

Charlie Brown by Loud Crow


The Charlie Brown Christmas app from Loud Crow is the best thing I’ve seen on the iPad in a while. It’s surprising, beautiful, and absolutely delightful for what it is. Along with Aweditorium, it’s one of the few apps that makes a tablet feel like a special device and not simply a repackaged version of the PC.

The lost interview

I went to the theater to see this lost interview with Steve Jobs from 1995 that was originally shot for Triumph of the Nerds and came away from it inspired. Because what other executive in Silicon Valley would ever cite Picasso and Thoreau? And that he did makes me believe that, perhaps, there’s a place in the Valley for someone like me.
EXCLUSIVE: Steve Jobs ‘The Lost Interview’ Teaser – YouTube