Call for Qualified Investors

The group with whom Clark Kepler is engaged in talks to save the bookstore is reportedly seeking Qualified Investors capable of making very large contributions. If you fit the bill or think you can help, please email us for further info.

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  1. Lisa

    An idea: Many arts organizations like museums and symphonies are supported by charitable pledges from their patrons. Kepler’s Bookstore is at least as important to the cultural life of the Peninsula/Silicon Valley as any of these. I’d be willing to pledge a fixed amount per year (something like $200) to support Kepler’s and keep it in business. Wouldn’t you? We don’t need a tax deduction or a discount. We just want to buy books at Kepler’s. If someone knows how to organize an effort like this, I’m your first volunteer.

  2. Richard Hine

    The Almanac newspaper in Menlo Park has a story on its home page,
    including an interview with Clark Kepler:

  3. Winton Davies

    Yahoo, Google, and MS-Search (and Amazon’s A9!!) could be persuaded to donate?

    My partner suggested a local Buy-cott.

    How much of this is economic recession, and how much of it is internet. I must admit, last time I was in Keplers, there was hardly any O’Reilly book in the Comp Sci section!

    I hope to be around on Tuesday.

  4. Karen Anne

    I think “small buyers” helping out by donating each year is an excellent idea, and I will do that. I sent email to the address given with details.

    I can’t believe Kepler’s has closed. This is really bad.

  5. Ladan

    I live in Menlo Park and was very sad to see the store closed. I try to buy books at Kepler’s as
    much as possible, but as someone else mentioned above, I need to see more technical books. Also
    more art books. I hate it, but I have to go to Borders for this now since Stacy’s closed a few
    years ago. I don’t shop on Amazon that much. Also a friend mentioned cook books. She looked for a
    middle eastern cook book last weekend and couldn’t find a section for it at Kepler’s.

  6. Drew D-A

    Kepler’s had/has a fine cookbook section right by the south doors. Might be hard to find since it’s against the front windows, instead of in the back with most of the other sections.

  7. sharon yoerg

    I want to suggest that IF a few large investors are found that we try to locate another property that can be PURCHASED, not
    rented and that Mr. Borrone might consider moving with them. It is truly a symbiotic relationship, each gets customers from
    the other. Otherwise rent will always be a problem for a business that operates on a low profit margin. The investors would a
    at least own a piece of property…. maybe one of those empty car dealerships or the city could help locate something for the
    two businesses together. Palermo Restaurant may also affect Borrones business, especially in addition to the loss of Keplers.,
    That would leave the Tan Group with a nice big space to rent. Rent for the Wessex used bookstore across the street was
    $6000 a month and that was a small, delapidated space… and he couldn’t make it either even with an internet business.
    I think the key is to have the investors use the money to own the space or maybe someone has a space.

  8. tara

    I would suggest for Kepler to start a book club where membership would spend certain dollars a year in purchasing books say starting from $200/year. Membership can be with no rewards or with small discount or reward such as books, cup of tea/coffee … People are willing to spend for wine, merchandise clubs … Why not food for the mind? This way will allow Kepler to be ran as it has always been.

    In addition, what about a tax break from the city of Menlo Park for independent bookstores?

    I don’t know about the qualified investors; if they come in and dictate what books will be sold then it’s a no good solution.

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