Kepler’s Press Release

Kepler’s has issued a press release announcing the formation of a Patron’s Circle of local investors and a Board of Directors as part of the efforts to save the store. The story was picked up by the San Jose Mercury and the Palo Alto Weekly among others. Details on membership and volunteer opportunities will be available soon.

The release begins:

Kepler’s today announced the formation of a Patron’s Circle of 17 community-minded individuals who will provide the financial basis for the bookstore’s renaissance and a Board of Directors that will add substantial financial and business expertise to Kepler’s while keeping its heart and soul alive. Members of the City Council have pledged strong support for keeping Kepler’s as the hub of downtown Menlo Park. However, the well-known and loved bookstore still faces hurdles in its ongoing negotiations with its landlord, the Tan Group of Palo Alto.

Members of the Board include Clark Kepler, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board; Daniel Méndez, a Menlo Park resident and co-founder and CTO of Visto Corporation, a wireless technology firm in Redwood City; Geoff Ralston, an Atherton resident and Chief Product Officer at Yahoo!; and Bruce Dunlevie, General Partner at Menlo Park-based Benchmark Capital and a seasoned veteran of venture capital with more than 15 years experience in high-tech investing.

Click here to read the full release.

Additionally, click here to read letters from Ira Ruskin and Joe Simitian to the Tan Group.


  1. Lauren John

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Mendez, Mr. Ralston, Mr. Dunlevie and your families for stepping
    forward to support the readers and thinkers and activists in our community. When I read your
    biographies in the press release, I noticed that all of you have children–and I can think of
    no greater legacy and example for them. You all saw a community problem and have stepped in to try
    to fix it. And you have reinforced the concept that books and reading and free expression are important.
    I know that all of us in the community who have something to offer to get Keplers up and running
    again will do so, whether it is with cash or volunteer time, or simply telling everyone we know
    to shop Keplers.
    Bless you all for your efforts.
    I will be there with the volunteers

    Lauren John M.L.S.

  2. Sixto Bernal

    how about moving to the vacated Key Market at 5th and El Camino in RWC!

    great space, good parking, good service entrance. and probably much less than
    $3 per foot…

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