New Kepler’s Website: Memberships and More

The new Kepler’s website is now up. Although you can’t yet order books online, you can get information about memberships and upcoming events.


  1. Karen Anne

    Since I’m out of state, I’m trying to phone in to sign up for a membership. But no one is answering the phone even though the store is supposedly open…

  2. Deirdre Saoirse Moen

    Sorry about the phone snafu — it was something that we didn’t think to check until about 11:30 Saturday morning, and noticed that outside lines weren’t ringing in because the phones had been globally muted. Immediately after that, chaos descended and I’m not sure anyone had a moment to check them until after I’d left at 1:30.

    I will say that Info Desk was incredibly busy, so I’m glad that I got to help people find books they were looking for.

    _Deirdre (volunteer on re-opening day)

  3. Jean Stavast

    We are from the Netherlands (Europe) and we visited Palo Alto last summer. During our visit we spent a lot of time at Kepler’s. It is a wonderful bookstore. We are very happy it has reopened. We will be sure to
    to go there again when we visit Palo Alto next year.

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