Videos of Zidane’s appearances on TF1 and Canal +

You can watch Zidane’s interview on TF1 here. The Canal + video can be found here.

The BBC has also posted an incomplete transcript of Zidane’s interview on Canal +.

I enjoyed the TF1 interview more than the Canal + one as Zidane seems more at ease and less defensive. He comes across in this interview as someone who seems to genuinely accept his fate, while contending that Materazzi should be disciplined as well.

The Guardian has posted an article about reactions to Zidane’s comments, including this translated snippet from the French paper L’Equipe:

“Never, during a long career during which he heard such things hundreds of times, had he touched on this subject,” the paper wrote in an editorial.

“These interviews by Zinedine Zidane were a fairly solemn way of saying goodbye, after the missed opportunity of Berlin.”

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