Winning Eleven and Amazon

I pre-ordered Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer for Xbox 360 last month from Amazon, and expected it to ship yesterday. However, today I received an email from Amazon stating that the game wouldn’t ship until next week. In my disappointment, I cancelled my order and went out to GameStop to buy a copy of the game. Like many others have said, the game looks like an HD PS2 game, but the classic Winning Eleven gameplay is still there. I’m really looking forward to EA’s UEFA Champions League 2007 game, which is coming out next month. The videos of this game look amazing.

In another disappointing note, being a huge college baseball fan, I was really looking forward to the new EA NCAA baseball game, which also came out today. Unfortunately, the game is only for PS2 and the rosters aren’t even accurate, which makes no sense. EA uses accurate rosters with fake names for their NCAA football and basketball games. Why couldn’t they do the same for their baseball game?

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