Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-17

  • Lost my Nike+ sensor in Chinatown. No wonder pace slowed! Time to stop tucking it under my laces and get a shoe wallet for the replacement. #
  • When the conditions are bad, Joba is on the mound. Yanks down 1-3 in KC. Ugh. #
  • Google bombing “Amazon rank” #amazonfail How long will my link last on Wikipedia? #
  • First game of the season in Central Park this morning! Shoulder = sore. #
  • Um, yeah, it works. See the Google search results: #amazonfail #AndYouWantMeToBuyAKindle?! #
  • Perry’s tee shot on 16 at Augusta: Wow! #
  • Fun event with @fredwilson I attended last Monday now posted on his blog:// #
  • This would get me to the farmers market: #
  • Fun event with @fredwilson I attended last Monday now posted on his blog: #
  • I can’t believe Spike Lee is copying the concept for “Zidane” with his Kobe movie: #
  • Can’t believe how quickly TriBeCa Film Fest tickets went online. Looking to see Racing Dreams, CBGB, and Kobe, if anyone has extras. #
  • Should apply critique to own blog. RT @amyoleary: RT @palafo: A critique of NYT article-level pages, via @NiemanLab. #
  • Just got back from #teaparty at City Hall. For the first time, felt utterly ashamed to be a New Yorker. #
  • Pitchers batting ninth and other bad baseball ideas from today’s WSJ: #
  • So much for opening day at the new Stadium. This game is over. Yankee down 9-1. #
  • Went to an excellent show with @rhettmiller at Le Poisson Rouge last night. Pictures are here: #
  • A great day at the new Yankee Stadium. Jeter homer puts us up in the 8th, Mo saves in the 9th, cue Sinatra. #

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  1. Yen

    Have you tried the Garmin Forerunner? The watch has GPS, so you don’t have to worry about a foot pod or sensor.

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