Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-04

  • Took BP at MA yesterday with @tylershores in 102-degree weather. #
  • Listening to a great Fresh Air interview with Ted Kennedy from a few years ago: #
  • How is it that the New Yorker and NYTM both run profiles of the Bryan brothers in the same week? #
  • PlayRadioPlay is a total Postal Service ripoff but still fun listening. #
  • Had a Zuni Cafe burger for lunch. But where was @albertkchen? #
  • Horray! A new book from Lorrie Moore and a profile of her in the Times: #
  • Can someone explain why the Gmail outage is a big deal? Are you really that dependent? Enable POP and use your own client + mail server. #
  • Jonny Greenwood: MP3s encourage people "to own far more music than they can ever give their full attention to." #
  • Better yet, send a postcard or pick up the phone. #
  • How to reverse "the victory of whatever can be quantified over everything that can't"? #
  • More mags should be using their iPhone apps to drive sales of physical product like the Economist. #
  • BlackBerry Desktop for the Mac is like three iPhones too late for me. #
  • Okay, so who else got the I Am T-Pain iPhone app? @albertkchen #
  • Found myself wishing my MacBook Pro had a fax modem today. #

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