Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-30

  • A few photos from the GF1 of @josepharthur at @rickshawstopsf on Tuesday: #
  • The Formula For Perfect Parallel Parking…fun, but no help to this parker. -More at #
  • These coaches' challenges seem like a bad idea! #
  • I feel like I felt in 2006 while rooting for Zidane in the World Cup final, hoping Favre can still win this one after his mistake. #
  • How do people not understand the necessity of the AIG bailout? Who are these people?!? Are they human, much less American? #
  • That was a very good speech. Now, how about some results—and by results I mean universal health care not pandering economic rhetoric? #
  • Point by @CBSNews about how the Internet has trained people to be terribly impatient and that impatience shapes public policy for the worse. #
  • Re Chris Matthews: Who knows what sort of productive conversations we could have, as a society, if people were allowed to mention race! #
  • Salinger gone. Don't ever tell anybody anything. #
  • Why opinions about the Apple iPad are meaningless: @COOLERebook, I'm looking at you and your empty, rhetorical retweets #
  • Newsday spent $4MM to put up a pay wall last fall. In three months, only 35 readers paid for access. #
  • RT @NewYorker: Dave Eggers remembers JD Salinger: #salinger #
  • "…what struck me most was how wounded they were with…all the thorny emotion of life, of the world." #

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