Yanidel street photography Aperture presets


I’m a big fan of Yanidel’s photo blog of his street photography in Paris. I’ve long tried to get a similar look to his photos by decreasing the desaturation slider and then selectively increasing the saturation of colors or spots in my photos. However, I’m nowhere near as good at it as he is. I recently posted on DPReview’s forum about this issue, and Ian Wood responded to me by creating a few Aperture presents that achieve a baseline for Yanidel’s look. You can download the Yanidel Street Photography presets for Aperture. I tested them out tonight, and you can see the results here.


  1. Kimberly Harris

    I’ve checked your pics on flickr and they look good. I myself am still experimenting with various settings. Goodluck to your efforts!

    Kimberly Harris
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  2. Sam Weston

    I’m envious of people who can take photos of this quality. Although I am only an amateur photography I have tried for years to achieve effects such as that shown here and simply haven’t managed to come even close.

  3. Lazaro

    The street photography above is perfect. I like all Yanidel’s street photography. He has great works.

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