Bloggers mourn the loss of Kepler’s

Neil Gaiman noted the cancellation of his tour stop at Kepler’s on his blog.

Dara, a former Kepler’s employee, in LA encourages us to all support our local independents.

Another former longtime employee posts here.

This blogger sighs and compares the closing of Kepler’s to that of Wordsworth in Harvard Square last year.

This blogger is in shock, while another is devastated.

The Mercury suggested that competition from Amazon killed Kepler’s. Here is a response at Seven Generational Ruminations.

Geoff Goodfellow likens the closing to “a death in the family.”


  1. Mark Drury

    Glad to see you’re marshalling the troops round Kepler’s, and that authors and customers are blogging in support of the bookstore. I placed a Kepler’s entry on my blog ( and hope to be at the store this Tuesday evening. Regards,

    — Mark D.

  2. Liz

    I thought it was insanely high rents, not competition from Amazon, that drove them out of business…

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