Using Streampad to add a music playlist to your website

Inspired by Fred Wilson’s, I decided to see if I could add a playlist to my website using Streampad. As you can see, I now have Streampad’s player running at the bottom of this page. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to add it to your own site:

  1. Set up a Tumblr blog and start posting music to your blog in MP3 format. Tumblr allows you to upload one MP3 file a day or you could link to MP3s hosted elsewhere. This will become your playlist for Streampad.
  2. Insert Streampad’s code in your page template’s header between the <head> and </head> tags.
  3. Here’s the code to insert. Make sure that you change the Tumblr URL to your own URL: <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
  4. You can delete the autoplay parameter if you don’t want Streampad to start playing automatically when a user loads your page. There are several other parameters you can add to the JS URL to alter the appearance of the player.


  1. Alvin


    Thanks for giving tips on streampad music play list.

    I like to hear more about multimedia play list, which i can embed that in my personal website.

    Any ways, I am learning my music technology degree in Hollywood’s best music school.

  2. Mark

    I’ve never used steampad, I will have to give it a go!

  3. queenchels

    hi, thanks for the code. but im having trouble locating the and tags. are they on every tumblr layout? and does this code enable mp3 music we upload using the audio to play automatically?

  4. aica

    how can i add music on it??

  5. Imbraveheart

    i tried, but this doesn’t work for me in my streampad.

  6. Imbraveheart

    You may want to try this link from Dan Kantor:

  7. niv

    i have streampad on my tumblr but instead of showing “1 of 3: Song Name” it just shows the “1 of 3”
    what do i do to change this?

  8. raharyani

    hey, is it available for blogspot? cause mine cannot work well, thank you

  9. yaasure

    How do I upload music onto it? I just have the bar at the bottom of my blog without any music.

  10. Isabelle

    Yeah so…..Im with yaasure ….how do we upload music on it? :/

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