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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-03

Filed under: General — Ricky @ 8:18 pm
  • Is there an easy way to get a web article from Safari on my Mac onto a Kindle for reading (like what I do with Instapaper on iPod/iPhone)? in reply to wordbrooklyn #
  • How to add a Streampad playlist to your website: #
  • My MacBook Pro won’t open. The Apple Store either slightly bent the case or incorrectly reassembled it when they replaced my speaker. Boo. #
  • Not interested in Gmail Autopilot, but I would pay $50/year for Gmail Paper, 12pt Garamond: #
  • Anyone know if it’s possible to make Tumblr order your posts randomly, not chronologically? #
  • Your use of bullet points implies an inability to form paragraphs. Perhaps, you should work on that. #
  • Unfollowing all the Twittereans who just repost what I would read on their blogs, anyway. Your posts aren’t that urgent. #
  • Focusing mechanism on my Canon EF 35mm f2 lens broke. Is it worth getting it fixed or should I buy a new one? If fix, where in NYC? #

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