Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-08

  • Read David Lipsky’s Rolling Stone profile of DFW, looking forward to Zadie Smith’s essay about Wallace. #
  • PEN World Voices Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio in conversation with Adam Gopnik #
  • A new, larger Kindle is coming soon? Seriously? #
  • A phrase that should be banned: “top of mind.” #
  • “…the Web is like an endless novel populated with characters who reveal way too much about themselves…” #
  • People don’t understand attention is a finite resource, like money. Do you want to invest your cognitive cash on Twittering? -W. Gallagher #
  • RT @yodiwan: Amazon’s Kindle DX page is now live: [$489 for this thing+sub fees+obsolete in a year? Sticking w/ print!] #
  • Amazon’s Kindle DX page doesn’t mention anything about textbooks, pilot program only for now. What will be NYT sub rate for this device? #
  • Is the new #Amazon #Kindle DX worth it? Not on the back of my envelope: #
  • On Kindle subscriptions for newspapers/magazines, Amazon gets 70% of subscription revenue, provider 30%. #
  • And Amazon gets rights for All mobile devices. That’s the split the Dallas Morning News is getting. Wonder how NYT, others compare…. #
  • Anyone know of iPhone apps that do the following: a) automatically scroll when you’re reading at a pre-set pace or b) read PDF books well? #
  • Just voted for the all-star game. Choices include Griffey, Manny, and my old neighbor in Berkeley, Conor Jackson. #

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