Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-24

  • If you think Twitter needs a value proposition, well, here it is: #
  • If web content and services are free, doesn’t that, uh, mean they’re worthless? #
  • Old favorite:”…he suddenly realized the meaning of the word ‘dissipate’—to dissipate into thin air; to make nothing out of something.”-FSF #
  • If the IndieBound iPhone app could check local stores’ inventory, it would be awesome #
  • Dowd’s interview with the Clutter founders in today’s NYT is hilarious but trite. #
  • Memories of DFW from Modernism/modernity: #
  • Hoping to check our Partners & Spade sometime soon: #
  • MacBook Pro battery % going crazy. Tried calibrating it yesterday, but still isn’t working well. Might be time for new battery. Suggestions? #
  • Someday the obsession with metrics will fall out of favor? #
  • My MBP battery only has 60% of original capacity. 🙁 Use coconutBattery to check your Mac’s battery: #
  • Anyone going to see Philip Roth on Tuesday? #
  • Listening to marketing directors from major credit cards. No mention of the millions of CC holders and shareholders they ruined. #
  • Fri. regression: RPS (but not exact %), tax rate, retail electricity price all matter in predicting state’s renew engy prod/capita. Others? #

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