Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-29

  • This week’s New Yorker cover was made with an iPhone: #
  • NYT iPhone app: You can’t tell what kind of a story something is–news, column, news analysis. You can’t tell how long it is either. #
  • Checked Twitter this morning, hoping for reactions to Obama’s SC pick, but there are none in my feed. Maybe Twitter is for frivolity. Hmm. #
  • “…justice doesn’t threaten society and fairness doesn’t make us weaker.” -Tom Wilner #
  • “If something happened to me, I would definitely monetize it.” –@colsonwhitehead #
  • Just asked @colsonwhitehead if he had fired @assistantjarvis. Dude was not happy about the question, but the answer is Not Yet. #
  • I vow to leave #BEA09 with no more than 5 books, one of which will be the new Lorrie Moore. Suggestions for the others? #
  • Before dropping an F-Bomb at #d7 today, Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz told it like it was during last quarter’s earnings call: #
  • Why you should never buy AppleCare from the Apple Store: #mac #apple #
  • Free trial from the Foundation Center. Awesome directory of grants: (via @pndblog) #
  • How about the opposing managers and catchers all getting tossed in the Red Sox game today?! #
  • Steven Johnson: Make individual landing pages and AdWords campaigns for each of the different topics in your book. #BEA09 #pubkeys #

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