Using all five forces

I’ve frequently doubted the effectiveness of business frameworks as they’re used in companies and schools. However, I have realized that frameworks are very good at doing one thing: they allow people to pretend that decisions that should be subjective, political, and emotional are actually objective, technical, and quantitative.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-25

  • MA should put Atul Gawande in Kennedy's vacant Senate seat. Brilliant! #
  • Just read Evan Ratliff's 2005 NYer piece, "The Zombie Hunters"–good stuff: #
  • RT @lmcintire IKEA bookshelf, how does it feel do [sic] get totally owned? That's what I thought. [How does it feel to get sic'd?] #
  • …et al, I'm warning you, @ChrisButterick is going to be in town next weekend. Beware. #
  • "…a critic is nothing without an authoritative posture…against which an opposing outlook or proposition can be tested." -C. Ozick #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-18

  • That's just Roger being Roger: #
  • US doctors overwhelmingly want a public option or single payer: #
  • When will pubs realize that subscription fees for apps suck? Make us pay a larger one-time fee rather than a small, incremental fee forever. #
  • Condé Nast hired McKinsey to help them cut costs. This can't be good for my beloved @NewYorkerDotCom #McKinseyFAIL #
  • I'm surprised that Doug Glanville didn't mention the athlete most recently cited for having kept it real: LeBron James. #
  • Just saw the film Botany of Desire based on Michael Pollan's excellent book. Wondering when the long tail concept will come to food. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-11

  • The issues with using Adobe CS3 with Snow Leopard: #
  • Ugh. I started reading the @NYTimes in high school because I didn't want to read about California! (via @paidcontent) #
  • Screening of the Spike Jonze/Dave Eggers film version of Where the Wild Things Are in SF on 9/30 #
  • Police checkpoint on 19th heading south. Stay away–big traffic headache. #
  • Picked up a signed copy of the new Lorrie Moore novel from @greenappleguy tonight. You should do the same! #
  • People in Cole overheard my trying to remember yesterday's dinner, "I didn't have dinner. Nothing @CafeGratitude could count as dinner." #
  • RT @mistahmoogle: @ricky_o, I told the Jiggaman to use the patented Ricky O. "Sup!" on his new song. #
  • RT @Emdashes: The NYer Festival schedule is up! #
  • Four tickets for $3 each, Lincecum scratched from his scheduled start, Giants loss. I guess you get what you pay for. #
  • Forget the new iPods, this is the product announced today that I'll pine for: #
  • RT @vincelin: judy gave birth at 9:55 am to 7 lb 6 ounce vince jr. #

R.E.M. and MoveOn collaborate

As much as I support the public option, I’m not sure about its political possibility right now. However, I am sure that my favorite band, R.E.M., and MoveOn collaborated to produce a video urging its inclusion in any upcoming health care bill. The video is simply a slideshow of MoveOn members holding signs with the names of people who need health care now, set to R.E.M.’s “You Are the Everything” from Green.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-04

  • Took BP at MA yesterday with @tylershores in 102-degree weather. #
  • Listening to a great Fresh Air interview with Ted Kennedy from a few years ago: #
  • How is it that the New Yorker and NYTM both run profiles of the Bryan brothers in the same week? #
  • PlayRadioPlay is a total Postal Service ripoff but still fun listening. #
  • Had a Zuni Cafe burger for lunch. But where was @albertkchen? #
  • Horray! A new book from Lorrie Moore and a profile of her in the Times: #
  • Can someone explain why the Gmail outage is a big deal? Are you really that dependent? Enable POP and use your own client + mail server. #
  • Jonny Greenwood: MP3s encourage people "to own far more music than they can ever give their full attention to." #
  • Better yet, send a postcard or pick up the phone. #
  • How to reverse "the victory of whatever can be quantified over everything that can't"? #
  • More mags should be using their iPhone apps to drive sales of physical product like the Economist. #
  • BlackBerry Desktop for the Mac is like three iPhones too late for me. #
  • Okay, so who else got the I Am T-Pain iPhone app? @albertkchen #
  • Found myself wishing my MacBook Pro had a fax modem today. #