Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-24

  • If you think Twitter needs a value proposition, well, here it is: #
  • If web content and services are free, doesn’t that, uh, mean they’re worthless? #
  • Old favorite:”…he suddenly realized the meaning of the word ‘dissipate’—to dissipate into thin air; to make nothing out of something.”-FSF #
  • If the IndieBound iPhone app could check local stores’ inventory, it would be awesome #
  • Dowd’s interview with the Clutter founders in today’s NYT is hilarious but trite. #
  • Memories of DFW from Modernism/modernity: #
  • Hoping to check our Partners & Spade sometime soon: #
  • MacBook Pro battery % going crazy. Tried calibrating it yesterday, but still isn’t working well. Might be time for new battery. Suggestions? #
  • Someday the obsession with metrics will fall out of favor? #
  • My MBP battery only has 60% of original capacity. 🙁 Use coconutBattery to check your Mac’s battery: #
  • Anyone going to see Philip Roth on Tuesday? #
  • Listening to marketing directors from major credit cards. No mention of the millions of CC holders and shareholders they ruined. #
  • Fri. regression: RPS (but not exact %), tax rate, retail electricity price all matter in predicting state’s renew engy prod/capita. Others? #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-17

  • Lost my Nike+ sensor in Chinatown. No wonder pace slowed! Time to stop tucking it under my laces and get a shoe wallet for the replacement. #
  • When the conditions are bad, Joba is on the mound. Yanks down 1-3 in KC. Ugh. #
  • Google bombing “Amazon rank” #amazonfail How long will my link last on Wikipedia? #
  • First game of the season in Central Park this morning! Shoulder = sore. #
  • Um, yeah, it works. See the Google search results: #amazonfail #AndYouWantMeToBuyAKindle?! #
  • Perry’s tee shot on 16 at Augusta: Wow! #
  • Fun event with @fredwilson I attended last Monday now posted on his blog:// #
  • This would get me to the farmers market: #
  • Fun event with @fredwilson I attended last Monday now posted on his blog: #
  • I can’t believe Spike Lee is copying the concept for “Zidane” with his Kobe movie: #
  • Can’t believe how quickly TriBeCa Film Fest tickets went online. Looking to see Racing Dreams, CBGB, and Kobe, if anyone has extras. #
  • Should apply critique to own blog. RT @amyoleary: RT @palafo: A critique of NYT article-level pages, via @NiemanLab. #
  • Just got back from #teaparty at City Hall. For the first time, felt utterly ashamed to be a New Yorker. #
  • Pitchers batting ninth and other bad baseball ideas from today’s WSJ: #
  • So much for opening day at the new Stadium. This game is over. Yankee down 9-1. #
  • Went to an excellent show with @rhettmiller at Le Poisson Rouge last night. Pictures are here: #
  • A great day at the new Yankee Stadium. Jeter homer puts us up in the 8th, Mo saves in the 9th, cue Sinatra. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-10

  • At Yale Field for the second of two against Columbia, cold. #
  • Whom do I want to lose more: the team that knocked out Duke or UNC? That’s easy–beat NC! #
  • Thursday 4/30 at 7 pm: Jonathan Safran Foer interviewing Zadie Smith at #NYU, 40 Washington Square South. Should be awesome! #
  • I can’t stand it when people speak as though they don’t know the difference between e.g. and i.e. #
  • NYTM editor on the future of long-form narrative journalism: #
  • for sale: #
  • Where is lit crit for the Kindle? #
  • We need more stories about current tech that focus on how it makes people feel like Hefferman on iPhone in NYT & NYMag cover story on FB. #
  • Off to see Leanne Shapton and Patricia Marx in conversation at the Strand. #
  • Got vertical gray lines on my MacBook Pro’s screen this morning. Here’s the solution: #
  • The killer Kindle feature: anti-shake. #
  • NYPD, don’t you have better things to do? You, not protesters, blocked me from the library #newschool #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-03

  • Is there an easy way to get a web article from Safari on my Mac onto a Kindle for reading (like what I do with Instapaper on iPod/iPhone)? in reply to wordbrooklyn #
  • How to add a Streampad playlist to your website: #
  • My MacBook Pro won’t open. The Apple Store either slightly bent the case or incorrectly reassembled it when they replaced my speaker. Boo. #
  • Not interested in Gmail Autopilot, but I would pay $50/year for Gmail Paper, 12pt Garamond: #
  • Anyone know if it’s possible to make Tumblr order your posts randomly, not chronologically? #
  • Your use of bullet points implies an inability to form paragraphs. Perhaps, you should work on that. #
  • Unfollowing all the Twittereans who just repost what I would read on their blogs, anyway. Your posts aren’t that urgent. #
  • Focusing mechanism on my Canon EF 35mm f2 lens broke. Is it worth getting it fixed or should I buy a new one? If fix, where in NYC? #

Using Streampad to add a music playlist to your website

Inspired by Fred Wilson’s, I decided to see if I could add a playlist to my website using Streampad. As you can see, I now have Streampad’s player running at the bottom of this page. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to add it to your own site:

  1. Set up a Tumblr blog and start posting music to your blog in MP3 format. Tumblr allows you to upload one MP3 file a day or you could link to MP3s hosted elsewhere. This will become your playlist for Streampad.
  2. Insert Streampad’s code in your page template’s header between the <head> and </head> tags.
  3. Here’s the code to insert. Make sure that you change the Tumblr URL to your own URL: <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
  4. You can delete the autoplay parameter if you don’t want Streampad to start playing automatically when a user loads your page. There are several other parameters you can add to the JS URL to alter the appearance of the player.